Don't wait for Web Components NEW!
Embrace React v15.3.1

Rubix is built on top of React which uses a Virtual DOM implementation for ultra-high performance and semantic markup coupled with CommonJS for composable Components.

The result: clean and elegant code.

Bootstrap on Steroids NEW!

Rubix implements custom React Components on top of the popular react-bootstrap project enabling you to write shorter, semantic markup. Say Goodbye to unwieldy classnames and spaghetti code!

Multiple Language + Framework Integrations NEW!

Rubix comes integrated with starter kits for various backends including: NodeJS, Redux + GraphQL, Relay + GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, Laravel and Meteor.

The Asset Pipeline NEW!
NPM, Webpack and Go!

The new architecture in Rubix 4.0, removes the complexity of previous versions and implements a better and simpler asset pipeline using NPM scripts. It uses Webpack to transpile React code, compile SASS files, compile fonts and even provide RTL support by flipping stylesheets.

Rubix uses Babel for Javascript transformations. It ships with a set of ES6/ES7 syntax transformers. These allow you to use new ES6/ES7 syntax, right now, without waiting for browser support.

Modular and Distributable NEW!

Already have a existing React project and not willing to make the transition to our starter-kits? No worries! We are now providing Rubix as a module which you can directly import into your existing projects.

Rubix 4.0 allows you to create static sites using a feature called distributables. These distributables can be deployed directly to any static server (e.g. Apache2 / Nginx etc).

Rubix Charts

Rubix Charts is an aesthetically beautiful, hand-crafted charting library created exclusively for Rubix Admin app. We used the awesome D3.JS library to write all the charting components (Line, Area, Stacked, Bar, Column, Pie and Donut) that power Rubix Charts.

Internationalization and Localization
Mozilla L20n.js

Mozilla L20n is a developer friendly framework that places languages in the localizer's hand to create better translations.

It removes the need for developers to thoroughly understand the specifics of a natural language and provides an opportunity for localizers to create better translations. Rubix ships with custom React component bindings for the framework.

Universal Javascript NEW!
Render client code on the server!

Rubix uses React-Router to provide routing client side and reuses the same routing logic for rendering compiled HTML from the server making your app SEO friendly.

Create complex layouts easily

Rubix Panels empowers developers to create complex layouts in addition to the awesome Grid provided by Twitter Bootstrap. Pretty much every example page showcased in the demo makes use of Panels for layout.

React Hot Loader v3.0 NEW!
Time-saving synchronised browser testing!

When you’re making responsive websites, there’s a lot of tweaking and testing to do. React Hot Loader makes your workflow faster by hot-reloading code as soon as a change is made. Hot reloading is enabled for SASS files, Image files, Locale files and WebFonts.

Advanced Theming and Customizations NEW!
Using SASS mixins!

We provide SASS mixins to customize individual UI elements or even the entire theme!

So what are you waiting for?